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Maria Q

I just wanted to drop you a note to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your superb help teaching me how to improve my pelvic floor muscles (and reduce/avoid those embarrassing little leaks)! Being of an age where this apparently happens to many ladies of similar vintage – as well as others with other medical reasons for their symptoms – I was beginning to dread things getting worse! However, fortunately, I saw your ad and was both surprised and delighted to find there was help out there which had the potential to improve things. Having now completed my assessment and 4 individual sessions with you I am thrilled to report a marked improvement to a point much further forward than I’d ever hoped! Your personal yoga exercise plan, along with the weekly check ups and upgrades, along with my daily homework, have virtually put a stop to my not quite making it to the loo without damp pants – especially first thing in a morning (which was my worst danger time)!

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