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Yoga Classes

Man Playing Golf

Golf Yoga

I teach Yoga classes specifically for golfers.They are with the intention to help golfers improve their balance, flexibility, core strength, breath awareness and focus. Relaxation techniques are also used to help quieten the overactive mind, essential for golf performance.

Yin Yang

This class blends two styles of yoga into one practice. It brings together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. First half of the class is yang, and the second half is yin. 

Balancing Rocks
River Rapids

Dynamic Vinyasa

Vinyasa Yoga is a creative form of yoga, where poses (asanas) are linked together with the breath (pranayama) in a flowing sequence.


Yin Yoga is a slow, contemplative practice. It targets deep tissues and the deep fascias and meridians of our bodies. A complete opposite to Vinyasa Yoga

Mountain View
mandala image.jpg

Mandala Vinyasa

We explore circular movements with our bodies, moving around all four corners of the mat in 360 degrees. Each week we incorporate one of the 4 elements. Earth, Air, Fire or Water.

Slow Flow & Restore

This is a mixture of mindful, slow, meditative vinyasa with restorative yoga at the start and finish of the class. It contains fewer postures than any of the other flow-style practices, allowing more space to explore alignment and sensation in each asana.

Pebble Beach
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