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About Me

As I entered the world of the "Menopause" I slowly realised things were starting to change within my body. I started to need the toilet a lot more often and I'd automatically cross my legs when I was about to sneeze! These changes happened slowly & it was only when I saw an advert for "incontinence pads" that I thought, surely, there must be a real solution. 

As a qualified Yoga instructor, I was already aware of the benefits of yoga on other parts of the body and so I began my research into pelvic health. I signed up to Leslie Howard's Pelvic Floor Yoga ™ teacher training course and I was blown away by the results. Within a few weeks the difference was remarkable. Sneezing is no longer a cause for concern and life has begun to return to normal. 

As one of the only qualified practitioners of Pelvic Floor Yoga™ in Portugal I can help you become more empowered, confident, comfortable and in control of your own body again.

Through regular yoga movements and breath awareness, specifically focused on the pelvic floor, we can work together to help you find relief and regain freedom and body positivity. I offer a holistic approach to pelvic floor dysfunction, which can radically improve your symptoms and help you take back control of your body.

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