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Yoga with Fiona
A Qualified Yoga Teacher in Portugal specialising in
Pelvic Floor Yoga™

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​Have you stopped participating in things that you used to enjoy, such as running, playing golf, netball or tennis?  Are you worried that you may leak or not be able to get to the toilet quick enough?  Do you have to get up multiple times in the night to use the toilet?


If your answer is ‘YES’, it could mean that you have been living and coping with pelvic floor dysfunction.


Experience the benefits of Pelvic Floor Yoga™

  • No more trips/days out panicking about where the toilets are!


  • Freedom to drink as much as you like when you're out.


  • Sneeze, laugh or cough without the need to cross your legs to stop leakage.

  • Regain the confidence to return to your favourite activities.

  • Enjoy an improvement to pelvic pain or heaviness. 

  • Sleep soundly through the night


No matter what age you are, incontinence doesn't have to hold you back. Now is the time to do something about it.

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